Bucharest for Art’s Sake

We had a great time during our five days in Bucharest. Though having come from Budapest, which has become one of my favorite European cities, made it hard for Bucharest. Even our train companion George, and others from Bucharest, said that Budapest is a better city overall, but Bucharest has its own charm. The architecture itself, and the designs of many of the buildings are so cool, and Jesse and I agreed that we took more pictures of buildings here in Bucharest than anywhere else we have traveled to. So, besides the usual street art, lampposts, fine art, manhole covers, sculptures, and what I usually post in these Art’s Sake posts, there are buildings too.

previous Bucharest Posts:

Buildings around the city:

Street Art:

Random art, sculptures, paintings, etc:

A couple more mosaics from the Primaverii Palace:

A couple more by Shizuko Onda from the Muzeul Colecțiilor de Artă:


Manhole Covers:

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