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Spain Living (2021-22)

While working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic, my wife Jessica and I decided to apply for Visas and move to Spain for a year; in the city of Gijón in Asuturias, which is in North Spain.

Killer Rabbits

Back in 2014 I wrote a post-apocalyptic book about a Flu that jumps from Rabbits to Humans and kills 99.9% of humanity, and what happened in one city amongst a group of survivors. It won many awards and was lauded by millions, especially because it was so prescient in regards to Covid-19. (The first two of those previous mentioned statements are quite untrue). If you have a Kindle unlimited account, it’s Free!

*note: this blog is in no way, shape, or firm related to the book or movie Way Past Cool. I just like how the three words go together and that they are unclear if the person in question is so far past cool they are lame, which is likely the case, or that they are beyond cool, which hopefully is the case, but probably not.