Istanbul For Art’s Sake

Istanbul has so much beauty; from its mosques, ancient sites, and . There is a lack of street art, and that may be by design (though some neighborhoods had more than others, Kadıköy especially had more I wish I would have been able to take pictures of). My favorite part were the tiles; all over we saw them, and the designs and intricate details are unforgettable. Without further ado, here is my favorite art I was able to see while visiting Istanbul.

Of course, tiles:

Outdoor park sculptures found in Topkapi Deprem Parki:

Crests and boat decorations from the Denzi Naval Museum:

From our night out at the Zorlu Performing Arts Center:

Street Art (of which there was surprisingly little compared to many other European Cities; it was in stark contrast to the next city we visited, Athens, where street art was everywhere, although there was also a lot of crude and poorly done graffiti as well; in Istanbul there was much less graffiti, at least in the places we visited):

A random smattering of other cool places, lamps, doors, and things:

Lastly, even the Istanbul city logo is pretty cool, so I will end on that note. So much art and beauty in Istanbul, keep your open and you will see it often!

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