Antalya For Art’s Sake

Jesse and I are spending two weeks in Antalya before traveling to Istanbul and there was a lot of really cool art in and around the city. Besides all the natural beauty, the man-made kind is unforgettable as well. Here are some of my favs.

Street Art around town:

And an elephant statue in the woods near the water (we don’t know what it was doing there):

The wooden statues of two rams about to headbutt from Karaalioglu Park:

Many restaurants had framed paintings on their walls, and here are a few of my favorites:

Statues around town:

Two other favorites from the Antalya Archeology Museum that didn’t make it it in the original post on Romans in Antalya:

Lastly, there were two art pieces of the Annunciation at the Antalya Archeology Museum that were from churches from pre-Ottoman times, and were different from others we had seen.

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