Florence for Art’s Sake (2022 Edition)

Jesse and I returned to Florence with my Mom in May 2022, after Jesse and I visited last September 2021. The art of Florence is so diverse, from the Renaissance art that dominates the city to street art, beautiful buildings, furniture and light fixtures, and sculptures, and even contemporary art. So I took more pictures, and had enough to to another Florence for Art’s Sake. Check it out!

Street Art:

Furniture and Light Fixtures:

Outdoor Sculpture named the “Albero della Pace” (Peace Tree) by Andrea Roggi (2021):

Building Art:

Door Art:

The Annunciation:

Lastly ,one of my favs, Judith statue outside of the Palazzo Vecchio (our tour guide, Marcello, told us the story of Judith, and it is badass):

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