Barcelona for Art’s Sake

There is a ton of art not housed in Museums and churches in Barcelona, and a lot to be appreciated, though it can be difficult when navigating all of the narrow streets, watching out for taxis and motorbikes, and now even motorized scooters, not to mention the throngs of people. Here are some of the art I saw outdoors, as well as a collection of some of the coolest lampposts the city has to offer.

The variety of lampposts, though, was really eye catching in their grandness, while all still being uniquely different. What you have been waiting for…the Lampposts!

So impressive, so different, all providing much needed light. Wow! That wraps up our Barcelona trip in 2022, and if given the opportunity, go to Barcelona, explore, wander aimlessly, and you will fall in love with a great city.

Published by Phil Barrington

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