Spain Travels: Santander

At the direction of the gentleman that runs the language school, Joaquin, we made an overnight stop in Santander, Cantabria, on the way back from Bilbao. He is from there, and told us it was worth a stop. He also printed a map, told us a couple places to go for a drink, and whatContinue reading “Spain Travels: Santander”

I Miss Museums (Part 1 of what I missed during Covid-19)

Covid-19 sucked, sucks and continues to suck for a lot of reasons, many of them highly important, including the loss of life. For those we have lost, I try to remember to celebrate their lives and thus live my life with importance, reverence and purpose, for them especially. For me, there are three things IContinue reading “I Miss Museums (Part 1 of what I missed during Covid-19)”